Marble Elevator

This version of the varble machine is made on a 3D printer.

This Marble Evator is indeed armed, as it utilizes an arm mechanism to lift marbles from the end of the track and position them at the beginning of the track, but it's not dangerous (well, unless a finger gets in the way)!

Although the size of the machine is not great, watch it work very interesting.

You can download the drawings of the machine and print them on a 3D printer.
Print the default settings are used.


1) 60RPM Speed Reducer Rectangle Shape N20# Magnetic Mini Geared Motor 6V DC (Amazon,

2) Coaxial Power Jack (Radio Shack part number 274-1583).

3) 3.0 Vdc Power Supply (Radio Shack part number 273-315 with the "N" style plug 273-345, you get one free with the power supply).

4) 3 "marbles" (8mm ball bearings purchased at a local Ace hardware store, also available on Amazon).

5) Large rubber sticky feet (available at hardware and dollar stores).

  • Download drawing marble machine in STL format possible here.

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